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Kings Mountain Art Fair turns 50

Kings Mountain Art Fair, photo by Barbara J Carter, 2012

I love showing my art at the Kings Mountain Art Fair. It’s held once a year, on Labor Day weekend (end of August/early September). This year marks the show’s 50th anniversary! Woo! Congratulations Kings Mountain! That’s longevity.

Coast Views Magazine did a very nice story about the show’s history.

If you’re anywhere near the San Francisco Bay Area this Labor Day, you should come. I’ll be in my usual place anchoring the far north end of the show, under the majestic redwood trees. The spectacular forest setting has to be seen to be believed. (The photo above is a view of the fair from near my booth.)

Of course I’ll be showing a whole bunch of brand-new never-before-seen paintings, including several tree paintings in bright, happy colors, as well as some experimental new work. Wanna see? Come to the show! (Subscribers to my highly infrequent email newsletter* get a sneak peek.)

Kings Mountain Art Fair
13889 Skyline Bl, Woodside, California (click for map)
Saturday, Sunday and Monday
August 31 – Sept. 2, 2013
10am – 5pm
Free admission, free on-street parking, free parking shuttle

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August 8, 2013 at 2:45 pm

Kings Mountain Art Fair

If you want to see my latest paintings, you need to come to my next show: the Kings Mountain Art Fair, Labor Day Weekend, September 1-3, 2012.

People who come to the show get first crack at the new stuff. I only put the new paintings up on my website after the show is over, by which time many may have sold. (But people on my mailing list get a sneak peek. You should get on my mailing list.)

The Kings Mountain Art Fair is in the Bay Area of California, “up north” as we Angelenos say.

This year marks the show’s 49th anniversary. (It’s older than I am.) It is an amazing and magical event, not to be missed. I hope to see you there!

Kings Mountain Art Fair
Saturday, Sunday & Monday September 1-3, 2012
10am – 5pm
Free admission, free parking, free shuttle.
13889 Skyline Blvd, Woodside, CA

You can always find an up-to-date list of my upcoming shows on my website.

August 24, 2012 at 5:17 pm

My art shows in 2012

So far I have two art shows confirmed for 2012, one in southern California and one in northern California:

ArtWalk 2009 photo by Barbara J Carter

Conejo Valley Art Museum ArtWalk
Thousand Oaks, California.
Saturday & Sunday June 2-3, 2012, 10am-5pm both days. (more info here)

The last time I did this show was three years ago. Maybe it’s time to go back, eh? I’m looking forward to it!

Kings Mountain 2010 photo by Barbara J Carter

Kings Mountain Art Fair
Woodside, California
Saturday-Monday Sept 1-3, 2012 (Labor Day Weekend). (more info here)

This will be my third year at this fabulous show. It’s been my best show two years in a row. Let’s make it three!


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April 2, 2012 at 5:52 am

Meet me at Kings Mountain

On Labor Day Weekend, all 3 days, I’ll be showing my art in one of the best outdoor art shows in California, the Kings Mountain Art Fair.

Kings Mountain Art Fair 2010, photo by Barbara J Carter

Held in a magical redwood forest about halfway between Palo Alto and Half Moon Bay (south of San Francisco), this is a real gem of a show. If you’re anywhere in the area, I highly recommend that you go. Not just because I’ll be there (though of course that’s reason enough!) but because it’s frankly the coolest outdoor art show I’ve ever seen.

Don’t just take my word for it. NBC says it’s “worth the drive.”

Last year was my first time exhibiting at Kings Mountain, and I’m thrilled to be coming back again this year. It’s going to be a great show!

Kings Mountain Art Fair
September 3 – 5, 2011
10am – 5pm
13889 Skyline Boulevard, Woodside, CA
Free admission, free on-street parking, free parking shuttle.

I’ll be in booth 134, same as last year. See you there!

August 29, 2011 at 9:38 am

Showing art under the redwoods

I had a spectacularly good art show at the Kings Mountain Art Fair on Labor Day weekend (Sept 4-6, 2010).

So many people came to the show, and so many enjoyed looking at my art, and so many bought my paintings that I started worrying about running out of art! I didn’t run out, but I’ll admit to having a somewhat reduced selection at the moment. (Don’t worry, I’m painting more.)

If you’re in the area (southern San Francisco Bay Area, California) and haven’t been to the show, you really must go (whether I’m there or not). It’s a sight to behold. Here, let me show you.

Deep in a dense redwood forest, for three days once a year, something magical takes place.

A village of white tents springs from the forest floor, like mushrooms after a rain.

In each tent you’ll find something different and unique. Sparkling jewelry, handthrown pottery, blown glass, carved wood, photography, paintings.

But wait, whose tent is this? Whose paintings are these?

Ah, there she is! The artist herself.

Grinning from ear to ear at her spectacular good fortune, to be included in this fabulous art show. See you there next year!

September 15, 2010 at 1:27 pm 5 comments

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