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Dogs and Art Galleries

What is it with dogs and art galleries?

Back when I worked at an art gallery in Massachusetts, I was allowed (nay, encouraged) to bring my dog to work with me. He became the designated “gallery dog,” one in a long line of previous gallery dogs.

Barbara J Carter's dog Jesse at the fscottgallery

Barbara J Carter's dog Jesse at the fscottgallery

At the time, I thought this was just the gallery owner being quirky. Little did I know.

After I moved to Southern California, I had occasion to stop by an art gallery with a friend and my dog in tow. I ducked into the gallery, leaving pooch and friend waiting outside. But the owner immediately invited me to bring the dog (and the friend) in. Later, we attended a reception at this gallery and had to watch out where we placed our feet lest we trample the two large dogs sprawled in the middle of the floor.

In spite of this, somehow I still didn’t twig to the ubiquity of the phenomenon. Every time I went to an art gallery and had my dog (and friend) with me, I always left them outside. And every time, I was informed that both 2-feet and 4-feet were equally welcome to enter the gallery. And every time, I was surprised.

OK, so I’m a bit slow. Apparently dogs are universally allowed into art galleries. Just a couple weeks ago my gentleman friend and I (sans dog this time) stopped into Ace Gallery in Beverly Hills to see the amazing paintings by Gary Lang. While there we got a chance to pat a friendly terrier. Yup, dogs and galleries just go together.

I still find it weird, though. I mean, this is the United States of Nanny State, where dogs are considered so dirty they’re not even allowed at open-air farmer’s markets or California State Parks*. They’re tolerated at outdoor cafes, but certainly never in bars or restaurants like you might see in Europe.

Why do dogs and galleries go together? I don’t know! But I like it. Woof!

* Don’t let me get started on California State Parks! Oy!

August 12, 2009 at 2:39 pm

Good times at the gallery

Last Saturday I attended the opening reception at the Red Brick Gallery in Ventura, California. It was the opening reception for the show that I was a part of, naturally.

Here I am standing by my paintings. You can see why the gallery is called “red brick” eh?

Barbara J Carter at Red Brick Gallery reception, July 2009

The big painting in the middle is the one that made it into the local press.

The reception was good fun, although three hours of standing is a little hard on the feet. Good thing I wore comfy shoes. I got to talk to a lot of people, watched a potter throw clay on a small wheel (right there in the gallery, with no more than a tarp to protect the carpet), chatted with the other artists, and generally had a good time.

The show, including my paintings (they’re on the right when you walk in the door) will be up through August 16, 2009. I hope you’ll get a chance to check it out!

Red Brick isn’t your usual stuffy art gallery, it’s more like a cool store crammed full of beautiful and useful things. Definitely something for everyone. Open 7 days a week for the summer. Red Brick Gallery, 315 E. Main Street, Ventura, California.

When you go, tell Jennifer (the owner) I said hi.

July 30, 2009 at 12:43 pm 5 comments

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